2019 New Color Range Kawasaki Vulcan S 650 & Vulcan Cafe Studio Details & Action

The Kawasaki Ninja 650 model family has spawned several successful motorcycles since 2006, yet it took a full decade before a cruiser variant would finally join the clan. For riders who prefer not follow the crowd, the unique design of the Vulcan S offers a stylish, modern alternative to the traditional cruiser image. 3-position footpegs allow riders to adjust foot position to suit size and preference. Our Aero Knee Sliders are extensively used all over the world, seen on the best riders, best roads and best tracks.

The latest Vulcan S by Kawasaki comes with an overall contemporary cruiser styling. It's the Ninja 650 engine, but with a revised cylinder head, intake funnels and cam shaft profiles, and it's tuned for more low to mid-range torque. Multi-position levers allow riders to adjust lever position to suit hand size and preference.

And with a healthy list of factory accessories and the ability to derestrict and tailor the rider ergonomics, this bike will last owners long past their graduation day to an open licence. Many of the Genuine Accessories feature the Kawasaki Quick Release system, making it easy to change your Vulcan S to suit each ride.

Many riders speak of the Vulcan S as a comfortable bike to ride. The foot pegs are set a lot in front so the rider gets a comfortable ride with the legs straight up. Like we already said the Interceptor 650 is the least powerful motorcycle amongst its class which is actually a good thing.

The Vulcan S ABS model also adds anti-lock braking (ABS) technology, which adds to the rider confidence in the motorcycle's stopping ability because it assists braking under certain conditions. Review It's a gem of an engine, and the Vulcan S promises to be an entertaining cruiser.

Riding motorcycles is not about comfort. The suspension was designed to absorb bumps and provide plenty of feedback. This radiator guard fits the Kawasaki Vulcan S '15- & Vulcan Cafe '18- onwards is available in brushed aluminium, with a clear anodised coating for a long lasting durable finish.

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